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A few months after I received and starting use my Tribute Credit Card, I received a letter stating the account number was changed. When I called, the rep told me that this credit card program was now closed, and the account had been transferred.

However, I am still being charged a monthly maitenance fee, and for what? I pay the bills on time and can never use this card again. Now, I am 1 month late and they say my chrges privileges have been revoked because the account is in past due status? What?!

I go on their website to offer a settlement, go to the 'contatc us' button, and there's no phone number, you have to send an email.

I want to settle this account and close it. Do not do business with this company!!!

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I never been late and they increased APR, went out of business and I'm paying a maintenance fee for abankrupt business with no customer service.I have a strong feeling that my bill states that my total credit line began at 1000 but I think I it was 500.00. You can't retrieve account information on website.

I don't have old bills. I am interested in filing a class action.


Here is my story I filed bankruptcy due to car accident and being self employed the hospital took 100% of my income. So I fil;ed took through 3 small cards total Bankruptcy 10000.

all medical bills 150.00 credit card after the bankruptcy my imagine card kept going to I paid and then they sent me a letter saying they cancelled and everything would go on a tribute card I couldn't charge anything I could just pay the card off.

SO I didnt even charge or pay anything kept telling them I would pay off the imagine card but not a card I never asked for. I went on dissability low income now I have a judgemet SS won't garnish but if you have checking account they can freze no matter what you situation is.o ya they have added services charges ever year 150.00 a year to pad the amount due

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