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Received the same letter of card cancellation. Am not a happy camper, since I was trying to rebuild my credit.

If anyone knows of any legal ramification for this, please let me know. don't want pay for credit that i do not have. will, however continue making monthly payment. But, need to know why I am going to have to pay for the maintenance fee, $9.95 and any other additonal fees.

Who are we making payments to anyway, since the bill is still under "Tribute". Is it a collection agency? They say that this will not affect your credit, but I don't believe that hype.

Something is not right with this business move, any no one is telling us the truth, i believe.

d.evans, houston, texas

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they changed my account number back in june and after several phones calls they finally sent my new card out. the day i got a new card with an increase and a letter saying they was closing the account.

why did they bother to send a new card if they was closing it. i too worked really hard to help build my credit and now what.

i too want in if there is a lawsuit. i thought they had to give you 90 days.

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