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First off, understand this: This is a card for people with BAD CREDIT. You are going to pay fees out the butt but if you are serious about getting your credit on track...then it is worth every penny. By simply offering you credit, these companies are taking a big risk, because you already have proved to be uncredit worthy. So, yes, you will be paying fees and your balance will sky rocket if you are late/over-limit.

For those reading this without the card, here's my story. Got approved for $300 credit line and annual fee of $150 which in turn gave me $150 available credit. I didn't put anything on the card originally and worked on paying down the fee. I have a 30 day grace period to pay off purchases without being charged financing charges. I have NEVER paid finance charges and never will because the rate is so high. Oh also, you aren't charged finance charges on any fees...including the annual.

Please understand that, if you actually need to use this credit card, then you aren't ready for credit. Sorry but with bad credit, this is more an investment into a better credit history for me. .

I have had problems with customer service, I always talk to people in India so there is a language barrier. But I make sure if they aren't understanding me, or answering my question, I talk to a "supervisor". I never know if it really is a supervisor, but it seems that these people are a little easier to understand.

I think the problem these people are having is that as soon as they get their credit card, they want to charge up a bunch of stuff, which is probably how you got in the bad credit situation. Be smarter and I'm sure you won't have any problems. I don't have anything bad to say about Tribute because they gave me a chance when no other company would. Oh and in the 1 year I have had the card, my credit line has doubled and my annual fee was decreased.

Needless to say, I am very pleased and will keep this card open for awhile.

Good Luck all!

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Bet you are feeling differently now huh? lol

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