Tribute is a rip off. They sent letter stating all kinds of increases on card and when I decline their "special offers

they canceled my card...they are a rip off...Tribute charges excessive finance charges,excessive late charges..paid my bill on line before deadline but they waited to post it so they could charge me a late fee.

Really bad credit card. Did nothing for my credit building and actually hurt my credit. Would never recommend this credit card to anyone especially someone trying to rebuild credit.

It is a scam of a credit card and should be sued.

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They also closed my account today. My card was lost and someone used it.

I have NEVER been late until last month. I cannot beleive they did this to me. I'm thinking of contacting the better buisness bureau.

I dont know if it will work or not , But the people that work there cant even speak english. Horrible card to have.


Lots of Tribute cardholders are suddenly complaining that they are having their accounts canceled for bogus reasons.

My own account was canceled today because they said I was 2 days late on my payment. I have never been late, never been overlimit. My payment was mailed 10 days in advance of the due date.

There are TONS of people complaining about the same treatment all of a sudden on the web. There are also posts by insiders claiming that Tribute is going down the tubes and looking for any reason possible to close accounts.

If you have a Tribute account, be forewarned! It isn't going to be around long.

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