I also had a tribute card..they sent me a letter as well..class action law suit..IM IN!This is just rediculous on how the charge outrageous fees to set up and your left with $78.00. I have been a consumer for about 3 yrs and think this is a bunch of b.s.

The least they can do is refund the annual fees!

My guess is they probably went broke due to the economy and nobody is paying their bills..so once again I say if there is a class action lawsuit IM IN! Thank you much!

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I paid my tribute card off through one collections company. Then these mofo sent it to another as unpaid then the bill shot from zero to 600 in 6 months.


I have 3 different collection agencies calling me, always wanting to make payment arrangements. The card has not been used since 2007.

Not paying anything! :(


:cry :x :sigh 8) :) :grin ;) 8) :p :sigh :zzz :upset :eek :roll :? :cry :( :x



We Can All File Together



I am still getting a bill from tribute maaster card from 7 years ago. When I recieved the card and seen the fee's I told them no way in ***.

I am just going to file against the collection company in court for damages.

I am lucky and know how to do most legal work. Beware of Prepaid Credit Cards and Cards Like Tribute, the rich steal from the poor, that's all that is.


i will like to be in on the law suite be call all i ever did was payed money and never got nothing richard.crimes@yahoo.com


I" also in with the suit!!! They have stopped my card also.

I pay my bill and all of their rediculous fees, from who knows where and I can no longer use my card. Why would I still pay it?


What I can't believe is that they have the balls to actually charge the Account Maint. fee on 10/01 -- what the *** are they needing to do maint.

on???? The more I think about what they have done, the more it just frustrates me.

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