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When I got the tribute card it was exactly 300 minus the fees. FICO around 490 to 510.

In 2004. In 2008. No balance. Limit 1000.00, never been behind always paid more that what was due.

Fico 642. I have been in school and not been able to finance anything due to no income. So this card and American Express is the only thing that raised it. My brother got the same card and is complaining just like the rest of you, but yet he spends more time complaining than he does making a minimum payment on time.

He focuses on the problem, which they told him upfront on what the costs were. I told him also. He did with this card what he does with the rest. Leeps before he looks.

I come from the same background as the rest of the people on here, I had to make an honest and sincere decision to start from the bottom and work may way up. Now ill be able to purchase a house when I graduate. Tribute sucks, I don't think so.

Fantastic credit builder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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forget the comments. Let's take action.

To the *** that said it is for bad credit...yes it is but they promise if you keep up the payments on time, they not only will increase your credit limit but will assist you in improving your credit score.

All lies...they steal your money, cancel your credit, after a number of increases, and leave you in worse condition. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM

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