Tucson, Arizona

i am in good standing my credit limit on both tribute and saute was 650.00 then the trouble began.i called to say not to raise my limit 20x by 450.00 they did anyway and i closed both my accounts immediately , remember i am paid up to 500.00 on both my cards but what they were doing was wrong they lowered me to 450.00 credit limit and charged me the limit up to 650.00 which i have to pay them on top of closing my accounts they would not close them simitaniouley they waited for the whatever charges they could get out of me, Wow they suck and i was with them for four years and it did not raise my credit score on bit, i am not bitter i am just telling you to find someone to put you on their credit card and you will receive on after 6 months .

respectfully ken lamb phoenix arizona telling the truth about a rude awaking from signing up of these cards with is also relate to aspire credit card. just close my account after 12 attempts and 12 people lying to me and keeping on their web of lies, on july 16 2008. believe me these people are from india just try to ask them a question without them trying to verifty you info first which they keep asking you throughout you converstion with you. just thought i *** you off tribute, salute, and aspire card you guys are too foreign to lie to all these complaints that will put you out of business soon then you american catchey card names you MF!!!


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